Follow Your Shadow: Deep Dive into Our Brand's TV Show

Follow Your Shadow: The Journey of Our Brand's Horror TV Show 

"Follow Your Shadow," our brand's horror TV show, first went into production a year before the pandemic but faced delays during the pandemic. In 2023, we wrapped up the first batch of episodes, and the show premiered on Tubi TV and Amazon Prime in 2024. We plan to complete the 10-part series by 2025. Elements and characters from the show are featured in our fashion line, creating a unique synergy between our horror series and apparel.


Within "Follow Your Shadow," we explore our brand's philosophy and aesthetic, offering a unique brand experience. Our show delves into the dark, psychological themes that define our fashion line, ensuring a seamless blend between our on-screen storytelling and off-screen designs. As we continue to expand, you'll see the cross-pollination of these elements, enhancing the overall experience of our brand.

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