About Follow Your Shadow

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind brand experience. Our fashion line is an extension of our horror series, with many of our show’s characters and themes appearing on our apparel. Follow Your Shadow is a reference to Shadow Work.

Before we delve into Shadow Work, let’s introduce you to your Shadow:



According to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, The Shadow is anything you repress for the Persona you create for society, such as sex and aggression. Some aspects of your shadow are the product of your upbringing, such as personality traits and impulses that elicited fear or anxiety in those around you. You put up psychological defences to ensure they were not allowed expression and as a consequence, these characteristics were repressed into the unconscious. However, repressed contents do not disappear, but rather they emerge in your daily lives in the most unhealthy ways possible.

So back to Shadow Work. Shadow Work is a form of self examination. Shadow Work is the doorway to your Self. Many may not have the courage to descend these depths, but this is exactly what you must do if you are to become who you really are.



Integrate your Shadow into your Personality. Make Yourself Whole. Experience the joy of your Authenticity.